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Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Links About Durango To Let You Know More About Our Wonderful Town Part 1

So, I was having a bit of writer's cramp today, so I thought that I would be practical and give you some of my favorite links to websites about Durango, that are both fun and useful.

1.) www.durangoherald.com - A link to our local paper. It will give you a pulse to what is happening in Durango.

2.) www.fortlewis.edu - A link to our local college and all of the "goings on there".

3.) www.durangogov.org- A link to everything that deals with the city.

4.) www.durango.com - Another site devoted to linking you into everything Durango.

5.) www.buzztown.com - Here is a directory of everything local, with the opportunity to read what others have said, and to leave your own feedback.

6.) www.durangotrain.com - A link to our beloved Durango and Silverton and Narrow Gauge Railroad. For young and old, this is one of those things that you simply must check out.

7.) www.strater.com- A link to our historic Strater Hotel. Just check out the site, and you will so curious that you will have to come for a visit.

8.) www.rochesterhotel.com - another one of those places that is unique to Durango. Check it out!

9.) www.durangomountainresort.com - Everything you ever wanted to know about Durango Mountain Resort (or at least a good start).

10.) www.durangodowntown.com- Another place to go if you are looking for as much information about Durango as you can find.

Check back soon for Part 2

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